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    With an annual output of 160,000 tons of new materials manganese product processing and construction projects, the planned construction of the main project has a total of 7 buildings with a total construction area of 19,604.00m2.
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    Chongzuo Fuguo Mining Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Manganese Aluminum Processing Park, Jiangzhou District, Chongzuo City.With an annual output of 160,000 tons of new material manganese products, it plans to build a total of 7 main projects, with a total construction area of 19,604.00m2 and an annual output of 160,000 tons of new material manganese products.The project is divided into two phases. The first phase of the production of the products is manganese ingot, manganese ball, manganese powder.In the second phase, the production of manganese nitride was produced. After the production, the annual output of 50,000 tons of manganese ingots, 50,000 tons of manganese balls, 40,000 tons of manganese powder and 20,000 tons of manganese nitride products.


    Address: Manganese Aluminum Technology Industrial Park, Xinhe Town, Jiangzhou District, Chongzuo City, Guangxi  Landline:0771-5037167  fax:0771-5037168  0771-5037169  mailbox:kokuyang@hotmail.com
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